Jaguar XK150 D.H.C. 3.8ltr 1960 front left

Jaguar XK150

The Jaguar XK150 my be the very essence of Jaguar style and elegance. The last of the XK120, 140, 150 range of sports two-seaters built in the traditional coach built on chassis method. 

Jaguar XK150 3.8 S 1960 RBN376 in Red

A beautiful late model Jaguar XK150S Drophead, fitted with the 3.8ltr DOHC straight six cylinder engine and triple SU carbs.

As of 24 April 2023 this car is for sale at £97,995, re-fitted with chrome bumpers and wire-wheels. Previously, it had been for sale for considerably more with some Dunlop ‘steel’ rims. Which do you prefer?